Garden Clearing Service near Weybourne Norfolk

Are you looking for a Garden Clearing Service near Weybourne our small specialist team can help.  We have worked on a wide range of projects from small paved patios to professionally designed larger scaled projects and can advise on a range of materials and features to create an attractive and functional space to suit any budget.

If you have a concept in mind but just need assistance to pull it all together, we are more then happy to meet with you and discuss various options. We have many photos of our work in our gallery section which may give you ideas or sometimes it is advisable to browse through garden design magazines or books and mark pages of styles you like and features you would like to incorporate.

Alternatively we work with a couple of very talented professional landscape designers in Weybourne who can create stunning plans and make your landscape dream come to life!

Garden Clearing Weybourne

In many cases the initial stage for your new garden is to clear the area of any foliage and materials that are no longer of any use. This may include removal of old sheds, paths, fences, hedges and trimming or shaping of trees that will be retained as part of the design.

We always take care to be tidy and site safe and cause as little disturbance as possible throughout the project. Appropriate waste services are used to save you money e.g. green waste costs a lot less to dispose of if taken to the green waste only tip.

Should your project require earthworks, we have contractors we regularly use and can arrange this for you so you don’t have the stress of choosing the right contractor and having to co-ordinate the project. See Groundwork’s and Drainage heading below for more information on this.

Once the space is cleared its ready for the landscaping and then the planting.

Groundwork’s & Drainage

Drainage is always important when designing an outdoor area. Rainwater should be directed via a suitable drainage system and is crucial to prevent waterlogging and the damage and frustration associated with over-saturation and a lack of a suitable drainage system.

If there is existing drainage present we can direct the runoff to this using the appropriate piping.  For landscapes that require considerable work including demolition and earthworks etc., we will need to know where all the existing utilities such as water ,power, waste, sewerage, gas and plumbing are. This information is available from North Norfolk District Council. If you want we can find this information for you and a small fee is charged for this.

Hard & Soft Landscaping Service in Weybourne

Once your groundwork is complete and the space is all clear, what is referred to as ‘hard landscaping’ can begin. Hard landscaping is basically decks, fences, retaining walls, paths, edging as well as water features, raised beds and planters etc. Once that is complete the ‘soft-landscaping’ begins which refers to the planting and grassing stage.

It’s important to consider how these features all relate to each other and is the key to successful landscape design, so the choice of plants will have impact on the overall design. We can supply plants sourced from quality wholesale suppliers and this can add up to substantial savings. You can then choose to have us do your planting for you or if you are a keen gardener , we are happy to source and deliver to you. This can include bark, shells, pebbles, river stones etc.

Water Features

Water features add a real sense of peace and calm to any garden alternatively they can be flowing and active. The options are vast from simple still ponds to cascading mini waterfalls over rocks and they come in ‘off the shelf’ designs or we can create something specific to your requirements. Talk to our Garden Clearing Service Weybourne team  to discover your options.

If you are looking for a Garden Clearing Service in Weybourne why not give us a call.


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